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What We believe

Who is Jesus? In a world in which information is readily available and opinions abound, this
fundamental question stands above all other inquiries and considerations.

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church believes Jesus is exactly who He said He is. Along with the
ancient Church, we confess that Jesus is true God and true man in one person. He is the Son of
God who was crucified and raised from the dead for the salvation of all who trust in him.

Christ is not Jesus’s last name, but identifies Him as the Messiah (Christ is the Greek translation
of Messiah), the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises that God saves his people. This
fulfillment and salvation happened in history in real time and in a real place (first century AD in
Israel) through a flesh-and-blood person named Jesus of Nazareth.

The Bible is the true and trustworthy Word of God that records God’s love for the world
through his Son Jesus. The miracles recorded in the Gospels and the teachings of Jesus are true
and accurate. Jesus physically died on a cross and physically rose from the dead in three days.
He physically ascended into heaven, and the Church awaits his second coming when he will
judge all people.

Those who trust in Jesus as their Savior are given new life through the presence of the in-
dwelling Holy Spirit and on the last day rise to eternal life in heaven. Those who deny Jesus as
Son of God and Savior live in their sin will be cast out of his presence.
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the North American Lutheran
Church which is

Christ Centered | Mission Driven | Traditionally Grounded | Congregationally Focused

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